Homesoftware reviewsUnlock ZTE MF 180 3G Modem all network totally free using DCCrap.exe

Unlock ZTE MF 180 3G Modem all network totally free using DCCrap.exe


Unlock ZTE MF 180 3G Modem Totally Free using DCCrap.exe – ZTE MF 180 3G Modem has been launched in various place by various network provider and can be unlocked with the help of DCCrap.exe. DCCrap can unlock all types of ZTE MF 190 3G Modem and ZTE MF 180 3G Modem free. After unlock your ZTE MF 180 3G Modem you can use any another network provider sim on it. There is no charges of unlocking your ZTE MF 180 3G Modem  you have to follow some simple steps and your modem will be unlocked forever, after that you can enjoy all other network providers sim on it.

Step by step guide to unlock ZTE MF 180 3G Modem totally free : 
  • Download DC Unlocker (Cracked version) from the link which is provided below at the end of the article.
  • Extract it to a folder (both .exe and .dll )
  • Plug your Etisalat Nigeria MF 180 modem with an unaccepted SIM in PC.
  • Now run dccrap.exe then this window will be appear.
  • In Select manufacturer, choose ZTE datacards and choose model as _Auto detect.
  • Press on the Loop (detect card) to detect your data card.
  • To proceed to unlock your modem, In SIM Lock status must show locked.
  • Click on Unlocking then Press Unlock.
  • Now your modem is unlocked forever.
  • Now download Join Air (ZTE Connection Manager / Software / Drivers / Dashboard).
  • Run and create new profile as per your network provider (Using APN and User name and password) and connect to internet.
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Download DC Unlocker to unlock ZTE MF 180 3G Modem Free