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How to Update the Firmware of Huawei E960 WiFi Router Gateway (Optus Australian)


You can check Huawei Australian Optus E960 InZone Firmware Versions via Wireless Gateway. After checking the firmware version of your Huawei E960, if your device firmware is older than mentioned in this article, then download the latest firmware and unzip in PC desktop.

Huawei E960 Optus Gateway
Huawei E960 Optus Gateway

The latest firmware update will update your Huawei E960 gateway with Modem Software version:, Router Software version: and UTPS software version: If you have checked your device and if you feel that it needs to be updated then proceed with further stpes.


Step by step guide to Update the Firmware  of Huawei E960 WiFi Router Gateway (Optus Australian) :

  1. Arrange one Windows PC.
  2. Download the firmware update from above link.
  3. Unzip the download file labelled E960_Upgrade_246., and extract the Desktop of computer.
  4. Run the file FmcUpgrade.exe from the extracted files.
  5. Power on the InZone Device, and connect it to the computer through the Ethernet cable.
  6. Click Button Check to detect device.
  7. Click button Upgrade to start the update.
  8. Wait several minutes until the update has been completed.
  9. Click button Check again and it should show the device using the latest version firmware.
  10. You can now close the Upgrade Utility program.
  11. Your InZone E960 device is now fully updated.


Now check the firmware version through above mentioned procedure.


You can Unlock E960 Optus Network Huawei Mobile WiFi MiFi Gateway Router. You can Unlock E3276 Optus Huawei Australia 4G HiLink Modem Dongle and Optus E3131 Huawei Australia HiLink Modem Dongle also with the help of correct unlock code only.