Last Hope to Unlock Permanently Locked Huawei New Algo Modems (Reset New Algo Huawei Modem Counter)

Last Hope to Unlock Permanently Locked Huawei New Algo Modems (Reset New Algo Huawei Modem Counter) – After thinking and great experience we want to share you something totally new. I hope it will work 100% and your permanently locked huawei new algo modems will be unlocked permanently. Recently I have share with you new algo reset commands with you, but no one could be benefited through this. Every person is getting error in sending unlocking or resetting new algo hash code. Today, I have come with new conclusion and i think it will work 100% on new algo 10 attempts wrong code entered modem. Through the below mentioned tricks you can not reset the unlock code, but you can unlock your Huawei new algo any modem.

Steps to unlock permanently locked Huawei New Algo Modem Dongle Datacard :
  1. Download the CardLock Unlock tool from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now disconnect the internet and close the software of Huawei new algo modem dashboard / mobile partner software.
  3. Now download the unlocked firmware related to your modem and again flash the modem firmware with unlocked firmware.
  4. Now eject the modem after finish the process and take out the sim from your Huawei new algo modem.
  5. Now again connect your Huawei new algo modem to PC.
  6. Now if dashboard / software of the modem is running the close it.
  7. Now run the downloaded Cardlock unlock tool software.
  8. Now detect your modem under the cardlock unlock tool.
  9. Now click on unlock.
  10. Now put the correct unlock code into your modem and click on unlock.
  11. I hope this trick will work 100% on your modem.

Note : If without sim not working, then try once with another network provider sim. It should work 100%. Just share your experience via comment and you can donate also through above paypal button.

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