Best Huawei Modem Code Writer Tool to Unlock your Huawei Modem Free

Today, I will talk about two Huawei Modem Code Writer tool which I have already introduced in my article. Both, Huawei Modem Code Writer tool is great but I want to highlight something with you. Yesterday I was unlocking one Stubborn Huawei E173bu-1 modem. I flash it properly and there was no error. After flashing the Huawei Airtel my modem firmware was After changing the sim, Huawei Airtel E173BU-1 modem was not asking for unlocking password.
Then I tried to write the unlock code using Huawei Modem Code Writer V1.0b by segmaster and I have got failed error.
Previous I have got success in various modem, so I have tried to write the unlock code in Airtel Huawei E173BU-1 modem many time but i have not success.

After the various fail unlock attempts, I decided to try CardLock_Unlock Tool to write the unlock code in my Airtel Huawei E173BU-1 modem. And I was surprise, in only first attempt I have to got success to write the unlock code.

Now you device which one is best and which one you should use.
Additionally you can download the Cardlock Unlock Tool Mac version from here.