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How to Unlock Vodafone R217 Supernet 4G Router?

Vodafone R217 has been launched and unlock code is available at modemsolution.com. Our team can provide the correct NCK of all Vodafone R217, let it be locked to any country. Our unlock code system is independent of the carrier means it can be unlocked.

The Vodafone R217 WiFi hotspot router comes with an OLED display to show the status of the battery, WiFi, network, and SMS. It is a 4G router and comes with un-customized firmware, means there is no need to change the firmware for unlocking. It can be unlocked with a code only.

How to Unlock Vodafone R217 WiFi Router?

1. Switch off the Vodafone R217 router.

2. Remove the SIM card.

3. Insert another carrier SIM card.

4. Connect to PC with its USB cable or WiFi.

5. Browse the default IP address through Internet Explorer browser.

Note: If connected to PC through USB cable then open Computer >> Virtual CD-ROM and install in PC.

6. The Vodafone R217 will prompt you to enter the NCK. If not then check under Settings.

7. Type the correct 10-digits unlock code / NCK which is provided by modemsolution.com.

8. Click Apply/OK.

9. The device may reboot to show the inserted SIM card network.

9. Just create a new profile according to the current SIM card and enjoy the internet.

Note: Unlock code charge is only Rs. 300 for Indian customers. You can place an order through payumoney.

Vodafone R217 is available outside India also, which are locked to different networks. Interest users can pay place order.

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