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ZTE Modem At Commands to enable / disable Virtual CD ROM and more


Various people are reporting about after unlocking his ZTE modem his virtual CD and Micro SD card gets disabled. There is no direct way to enable this. I have already shared a software which was created by MKey team which you can get at here. You can enable or disable your ZTE modem virtual CD rom or micro sd card slot.

Command lists for ZTE 3G modems :

Enable or Disable Virtual CD ROM

AT+ZCDRUN=8 disable

AT+ZCDRUN=9 enable 

stay online


check net-/SIMlock


answer: ,


0 Initializing the encryption (Insignificant SEC_ITEMS) 
1 Network Lock error. (Insignificant SEC_ITEMS) 
2 Network Locked 
3 Unlocked or correct MCC/MNC 

0 No action 
1 Network lock 
2 (U)SIM card lock
3 Network Lock and (U)SIM card Lock



Unlock residual time 0-5

Set Operational Mode (Network mode)

AT+ZSNT=0,0,0 (Auto) – Default

AT+ZSNT=1,0,0 GPRS Only
AT+ZSNT=2,0,0 3G Only
AT+ZSNT=0,0,1 GPRS Preferred
AT+ZSNT=0,0,2 3G Preferred

To send your command to zte you can use DC unlocker software and for guide you can take the help of this article.

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More commands you can get it from here.