Hometricks huaweiUseful At Commands for Huawei Modem

Useful At Commands for Huawei Modem


Huawei is a leading brand for Modem in all over the world. It keeps launching new modem with some intervals. Hence, we are updating here some cool huawei modem AT commands which will help you to diagnosis the huawei modem. If you have stuck somewhere then these at commands will be very helpful to you. 

1. Unlocking Commands


Usage :

-> AT^CARDLOCK? give information like this :
^CARDLOCK: 1,10,0 ………… locked,10 is your lock counter
^CARDLOCK: 2,10,0 ………… unlocked

-> AT^CARDLOCK=”xxxxxxxx”
where xxxxxxxx is unlock code generated by your IMEI…

-> AT^CARDLOCK=md5 hash of unlock code
If your unlock code is 11111111 then its MD5 hash is
1bbd886460827015e5d605ed44252251 then this command is used as below.


2. Diagnostic AT Commands


Usage :

-> AT^U2DIAG=code where code is specific number of command set given below..
 AT^U2DIAG=0   Modem Mode
 AT^U2DIAG=1   Modem and CD-Rom Mode
 AT^U2DIAG=255   Modem+CD-Rom+Card-Reader Modem+ Factory  Defaults Setting
 AT^U2DIAG=256   Modem+Card-Reader Mode
 AT^U2DIAG=257   Disable Application Port
 AT^U2DIAG=276    Reset to factory Defaults

3. Voice AT-Commands


Usage :

-> AT^CVOICE=? Gives Status of your modems voice..
-> AT^CVOICE=0 Enable Voice
-> AT^CVOICE=1 Disable Voice

4. other AT-Commands

-> ATI : Gives Manufacture Information of Modem
-> AT+CGMR : Gives firmware version of Modem
-> AT+CGSN : Gives IMEI of Modem
-> AT+CIMI : Gives IMSI of Modem

Enjoy and share with friends.