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Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Modems


Upgrade Huawei E303 Firmware to to unlock all Huawei E303 Modems – Huawei has launched E303 Hi Link model in various countries, some are directly unlock-able using only Unbranded Huawei mobile partner software, like you can see in this article (Hutch E303 Hi Link modem unlock solution). I mean to say that Huawei has launched E303 Hi Link modem somewhere with uncustomized firmware and on some places customised firmware. Uncustomised firmware can be unlocked directly as you seen in this article also.
huawei e303 modem
huawei e303 modem
But, if your Huawei E303 Hi-Link modem comes with customised firmware then   above mentioned link solution will not work for your modem, and your Huawei E303 Hi-Link modem can not be unlocked through normal procedure.
For unlocking Huawei E303 Hi-Link customised firmware modem you need to first flash the modem with uncustomised firmware and then you can follow the normal procedure which is available step by step below.
Step by step guide to flash Huawei E303 Hi Link customised firmware modem free :
  1. Download all the software / firmware from the link which is provided at the end of the article. 
  2. Now run Universal Master code software, select Huawei tab and generate flash code for your modem.
  3. Now run the download firmware file of Huawei E303 modem and when ask for password / flash code then provide the flash code (which you generated earlier) as your password.
  4. Now wait for finish the flash process.
  5. Now Close any runing software / dashboard / connection manager.
  6. Run the CardLock_Unlock software / tool.
  7. Now put your 8 digit unlock code into the unlock code box and click on OK.
  8. Now you will get message “Unlock Success”.

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Note : Don’t enter any wrong unlock codes into your Huawei E303 modem, it is a new security code modem and contact on email kam[email protected] to get unlock code in cheap rates only 1.15$.
(Firmware Version
Download Universal Master Code Tool
Card Lock Unlock Tool (Password of zip file : modemunlocksolution.blogspot.com)