Homesoftware reviewsUnlock ZTE Vodafone K3565-Z Modem free with QPST TOOL totally free

Unlock ZTE Vodafone K3565-Z Modem free with QPST TOOL totally free


First connect your modem to computer or laptop and Install the original dashboard from your modem, because after getting unlocked your modem ZTE K3565Z, you will require all drivers to be installed.

Steps to Unlock Vodafone ZTE K3565-Z Free :

1. Download QPST tool and install it.

2. Plug your modem into computer or laptop and after that Go to  Start button then go to Programs menu then go to QPST and start QPST Configuration” and select the “Ports” tab.
3. Now click on “Add New Port” button.
4. Find the port labeled “USB/QC Diagnostic” and select it then click “OK”.

(Note: If there are more than one “USB/QC Diagnostic” port showing, you must select the correct one by trying each one. If you get the wrong one the “Modem selection” in step 7 won’t show the “Unknown” phone but will be empty.)
5. Go to the menu and Select “Start Clients” and click on “EFS EXPLORER”
6. In the following dialog you should see an “Unknown” phone, which you select and then confirm with “OK”.
7. Now QPST will read the EFS file system of your device:
8. After reading QPST will show up some files. Now you must take back up the existing content of the modem, which is saved as a “ZTEMODEM.ISO“. Select the “ZTEMODEM.ISO” right click on it and select “Copy File from Phone”.
9. After that select the file location where you want to save the backup of your ZTE K3565Z modem and click OK.
10. Now the QPST software will backup ZTEMODEM.ISO to the selected folder, which may take up to 30 minutes.(Note: keep this downloaded backup version of ZTEMODEM.ISO in a safe place)
11. After the backup has finished select “ZTEMODEM.ISO” right click on it and select “delete” from the context menu.
12. After deleting old ZTEMODEM.ISO, insert this one (NEW VERSION Aug-2010) [mirror 1mirror 2mirror 3mirror 4mirror 5] by drag & drop (Note : First extract ISO from RAR file). It contains the “ZTE Join Air” dashboard (version 1.00.0B02, English and German including installer DPInst.exe), MWconn 5.6 and MDMA, a monitoring tool with USSD-support. (You can get Backup of original ZTEMODEM.ISO: ZTEMODEM.ISO from Vodafone K3565-Z (VMC

13. Now wait till the new ZTEMODEM.ISO has been written to your device and then close QPST EFS Explorer. If asked to reset the device click on the “Yes”.
After all the above step now your modem got the new dashboard and it is unlocked permanently. One can use any another network provider sim without any problem after the modem gets unlocked.

Note : Users who are no much familiar with the computer or laptop then don’t use. It may dead your modem forever.

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