Unlock ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem Totally Free via Firmware Upgrade Process

Unlock ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem Totally Free via Firmware Upgrade Process – You may already know that after unlock the modem you can use any another network provider sim on your modem in the world. So, I keeps writing unlocking process, how to unlock your modem free. Today, I will guide you to unlock your ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem free. ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem comes locked to globe network and also ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem has customised firmware. So, you need to flash the firmware to unlock ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem. You need to download two files to unlock your ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem. One is software / drivers / connection manager / dashboard and the another is ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem firmware upgrade. Both software download link is provided at the end of the article.
Step by step guide to unlock ZTE MF626 globe tattoo Modem Totally Free :
  1. Download above mentioned software from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now disconnect the internet and close the software of modem / connection manager / dashboard.
  3. Now unzip the firmware file and run it.
  4. Wait till finish the firmware upgrade process.
  5. Now dashboard will run again automatically.
  6. Close the dashboard and run download dashboard / connection manager.
  7. Change the sim with any another network provider sim on it.
  8. Create a new profile and enjoy your modem with any network provider sim.
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