Unlock Vodafone ZTE K4505-z 3G Modem via Firmware Update Free

Unlock Vodafone ZTE K4505-z 3G Modem via Firmware Update Free – ZTE is a leading brand like Huawei all over the world and ZTE also keeps launching new models day by day in the market. ZTE has launched customised firmware Vodafone ZTE K4505-z 3G Modem in some places and can be unlocked with the help of firmware upgrade and unlocked dashboard. Both software can be found at the end of the article to download.

Step by step guide to unlock Vodafone ZTE K4505-z 3G Modem Free :
  1. Download the both software from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now run the firmware upgrade file of Vodafone ZTE K4505-z 3G Modem.
  3. When firmware asks for password provide flash code as password.
  4. Now wait till finish the process.
  5. Now close the running dashboard / connection manager / drivers / software of modem.
  6. Now run the downloaded dashboard / connection manager.
  7. Now let it install the drivers of modem which is required.
  8. Now close the dashboard / connection manager.
  9. Eject the modem with PC and change the sim with another network provider sim.
  10. Now again plug the modem and run the downloaded connection manager / dashboard.
  11. Create a profile as per the network and connect to the internet.

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