Unlock teracom LW 272 BSNL in some easy steps without flashing with firmware

Unlock teracom LW 272 BSNL in some easy steps without flashing with firmware – Bsnl data card lw272 from teracom comes locked to BSNL network and is not possible to use other network SIM in it unless you unlock it. After unlocking you can use any another network provider sim in it e.g. Airtel, Aircel, Tata Docomo, Idea, Reliance etc. Unlocking is very simple and can be done by anyone. There is no technical knowledge is required to unlock BSNL Teracom LW272 modem. Within a few minute, you can unlock it without changing the firmware or dashboard also. So, your warranty will be also not void. You need to change the registry value of the teracom drivers, which you already installed on your PC.  So if you use this BSNL LW273 (lw 272) modem dongle on different PC then again you have to follow the same process to unlock your BSNL modem. So, there is no risk involved in unlocking the teracom lw 272 bsnl dongle. This trick works 100%. I have personally tested it with a BSNL modem. 
bsnl usb 3g data-card teracom lw272
bsnl usb 3g data-card teracom lw272
Step by step guide to unlock BSNL teracom LW272 Modem Dongle totally free :
  • Connect your BSNL LW272 modem dongle to PC and let it install all the software and drivers which is required to run the modem. 
  • Now go to start.
  • Click on run from start
  • Now type regedit and hit enter from keyboard to launch the registry editor.
  • it will take you to a menu like this
  • Now double click hkey local machine in the left pane of registry
  • Double click software (which appears when you double click hkey local machine)
  • select linktop3g
  • once you select linktop3g in left pane you will have some data on right pane
  • change the engineering key to zero (0).
  • restart your PC and you are done
You have successfully unlocked your bsnl 3g data card teracom lw272. Now you can use any GSM SIM in it from any another network provider as well as BSNL also. Just change the APN as per SIM provider and enjoy internet.