Unlock MTN Ghana E303 HiLink Modem free using huawei new algo unlock code

Huawei has launched new algo E303 HiLink modem in various countries. Recently Huawei has launched E303 modem in ghana also, which is detected by DC-unlocker as E173z-1. We have provided here DC-Unlocker log :

Found modem : E173z-1
Model : Huawei E303
IMEI : 86186*************
Serial NR. : U9CB***********
Firmware :
Compile date / time: Mar 3 2012 11:33:52
Hardware ver. : CH2E303SM
Dashboard version : UTPS21.
Chipset : HiSilicon
Voice feature : enabled
SIM Lock status : Locked (CardLock)

Huawei MTN Ghana E303 Modem (Huawei MTN Ghana E173z-1 modem) can be unlocked with only unlock code and then is no need to flash this modem with any firmware to unlock it. Huawei MTN Ghana E303 HiLink Modem firmware version is and software version is UTPS21. and can be unlocked with only Huawei New Algo Modem Unlock code.

Detailed procedure to unlock MTN Ghana Huawei E303 Modem (MTN Ghana Huawei E173z-1 Modem) is here.

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