Unlock Micromax MMX352G totally Free to use any another network provider sim  – Micromax is also a big brand like Huawei, ZTE, Novatel, Sierra tel, Teracom etc. A few days before Micromax had launched MMX352G modem with the help of Aircel network. Micromax MMX352G Aircel modem is very popular and i got one modem today and unlocked it totally. Yes, like other Huawei, ZTE, Novatel, Sierra tel, Teracom modems Micromax MMX352G Aircel brand can also be unlocked. But,  Micromax MMX352G Aircel brand modem unlocking is different from other modems. For unlocking  Micromax MMX352G Aircel brand modem, there is no need of unlock key is required. Simply apply the firmware on the modem and you can enjoy any another network provider sim on  Micromax MMX352G Aircel brand modem.
Step by step guide to unlock  Micromax MMX352G Aircel brand Modem Totally Free :
  1. Download the firmware version MMX352G_MICROMAX_INDIA_V5.497_M_8. from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now extract downloaded MMX352G_MICROMAX_INDIA_V5.497_M_8. file in a folder. 
  3. You will get MMX352G_MICROMAX_INDIA_V5.497_M_8. file within the folder.
  4. Just unzip it.
  5. Now plug the Micromax MMX352G Aircel modem in your PC.
  6. Let the Micromax MMX352G Aircel modem install everything in your PC.
  7. Now your PC will restart.
  8. Restart and the close the default software of Micromax MMX352G Aircel modem.
  9. Now run the MMX352G_MICROMAX_INDIA_V5.497_M_8. file.
  10. It will detect the modem and highlight the Start button.
  11. Now wait till complete message.
  12. Now your modem is unlocked forever without paying any money to anybody.
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