Unlock Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia Free Instructions (Vodafone Network Locked)

Unlock Vodafone Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia Free Instructions – As you may already know that I keep writing about unlocking solutions of various types of Huawei Modems and routers. Today, I have again come with simple unlocking solutions for Australian Vodafone Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi MiFi router gateway unlock solutions. Yes, you are reading right thing and came in right place. You can unlock your Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia in a few seconds in only 2$. 

Steps to unlock Vodafone Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia Free Instructions :
  1. Make sure that your Vodafone Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia is fully charged.
  2. Disconnect the internet and close everything which is related to your Vodafone Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia.
  3. Insert a non-Vodafone Network SIM card into your Vodafone Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia.
  4. Switch on Huawei R205 Pocket Wi-Fi Australia and connect it to your computer using the  USB cable.
  5. Note :  If you are asked for your PIN number then enter your PIN number of your router (See manual).
  6. Open your browser (Internet Explorer) and enter the URL address as
  7.   When the Unlock page is displayed, paste the unlock code that says “Unlock Code:  please enter 8-digit number” and select Apply.
  8.   If the unlock code is correct, it will display “Simlock Unlock has been successfully. Jump to home page after 3 seconds”. The device is now unlocked forever.
Now you can use any another network provider sim in the world.

Note : Don’t enter wrong codes into your router. Either purchase through any server or contact me on [email protected] for right unlock code in only 2$+tax.

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