Unlock Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem Totally Free Now

Today, its time to Unlock Huawei EC150 reliance CDMA modem for free. As we have written many articles about unlocking the gsm new or old algo modems and even cdma modems of BSNL also. You can search my blog for almost every modem and mobile unlock solution. Now we are here providing solution for the Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem released some years ago . Even though it is an CDMA modem it has option for UIM and RUIM both. We can use Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem another port for using other network GSM sim cards. 
Steps by step guide to unlock Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem free:

1. Make sure you have your unlock code generated using your IMEI through Huawei tab (code generator download link is below).
2. Note down the flash and unlock code both.
3. Download the firmware below provided and update your device with it.
4. If it asks for flash code while updating enter the flash code to update your firmware.
5. Then download Huawei Mobile Partner and update your device with it.
6. Now change the sim and plug your modem to your Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem. 
7. Let modem install all the drivers which is required to the modem.
8. Now dashboard will be automatically started and it will ask you for the unlock code.
7. Enter the unlock code you generated earlier and you have done.

Now you enjoy all over the world with unlocked modem free. 

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Download Firmware to Unlock Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem
Download Mobile Partner for Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem