As you might already know that Huawei keeps launching new model modems / dongles / routers / gateways / wingles in the different countries with the help of different network providers. Recently, In Thailand also Huawei has launched its new model HUAWEI E3351s-3 with the help of True (H) network. Like another Huawei modems, HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem can also be unlocked with correct unlock code and unlocking software. Recently, I have shared you with Unlocking solution of Huawei E5373 WiFi MiFi RouterDownload link of latest Huawei Mobile partner Free.


How to unlock HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem :


  1. Download HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem unlocker software (Cardlock Unlock Tool) from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now change the default sim with another network provider sim and plug the HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem to Windows PC.
  3. Now disconnect internet (if already connected) and close the software of modem.
  4. Now open the downloaded unlocking software.
  5. Now detect your datacard under the unlocking software.
  6. Put 8 digit correct unlock code into it and click on unlock.
  7. Now your HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem is unlocked forever.


Note : Don’t enter any wrong codes into your HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem , otherwise it will be locked permanently. Either purchase from any server or pay through paypal button and mention model, network and IMEI “OR” after paying mail with details in


Download HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem Unlocking Software Free


Additionally, you can download firmware of HUAWEI E3351s-3 Thailand TRUE(H) Modem also from below download link.


Download Firmware Huawei E3351s-3 (True (H) Thailand)

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