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Unlock Huawei E303 (E303s-65) MTN Fastlink Nigeria Modem


Huawei E303 (E303s-65) Hi Link modem is very famous in the world and Huawei Corporation has launched it in very countries world wide. When you will check the log through DC you will get the following details. 

Found modem         : E303s-65
Model                     : Huawei E303
Firmware                :
Compile date / time  : Feb 17 2012 14:13:57
Hardware ver.         : CH2E303SM
Dashboard version   : UTPS23.
Chipset                   : HiSilicon

Huawei MTN Nigeria E303s-65 (E303) modem comes with un-customised firmware and can be unlocked via unlock code only. If you also a owner of Huawei MTN Nigeria E303s-65 (E303) modem then you can unlock it without flashing the modem. You have to only follow some instructions and you need huaewei new algo unlock code of your IMEI. You can follow this article for unlock your Huawei MTN Nigeria E303s-65 (E303) modem.

Note : Don’t try any wrong codes into your modem, otherwise your modem will be locked permanently. You can purchase Huawei New Algo Unlock Code in cheapest rate at 1.15$ by messaging to kamle[email protected] or you can purchase from any authorized server.

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