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Unlock EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle Free

Today, I am writing article to unlock EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle. Various network providers provided CDMA 3G Modem Dongle to his users. Unlocking CDMA modem is difficult that GSM 3G / 4G modems. I have found some ways through which you can unlock EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle for free. Interest users who have CDMA dongle can now contact me, i will suggest some another steps which is not mentioned in the article. The below provided solution will unlock fully your EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle. If you are interested then you can try it out.

How to unlock EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle Free :

1. Download the EC156 modem firware which download link is provided at the end of the article.

2. Now unzip and run the firmware update file.

3. Accept the agreement and click on Next button to proceed.
4. On the following window put a check on Auto remove the device after update and click Next
5. Read warning message and click on Start button.
6. Now it will ask you for a password.
7. Put the password of your MEID. (To get the firmware code of your MEID comment your MEID).
8. Follow follow the online screen till finish button.
9. Now you have successfully finished firmware update of your CDMA EVDO EC156 modem / dongle.
10. Now download the CDMA workshop tool 2.7 Pre-cracked version from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
11. Now extract in a folder and run it.
12. Now in the COM port drop down list select the com port to which you have connected the EC156 modem. (To get the COM Port read this article.)
13. Now after detecting the COM port click on Connect and your EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle will be connect to the CDMA Workshop 2.7.0 tool.
14. After the EC156 modem is connected select got to the security tab and click Read button.
15. When SPC code will be available in the box then click on SPC button.
16. Now you will get two option Send and Write as in below screenshot. Click on Send button and you will get a message spc accepted.
17. Now select the Other tab and in the RUIM – select RUIM if availabe or to ruim only and click on the write button.  Now you have successfully unlocked your EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle.
Note : Now you can use both CDMA and GSM facility in your modem. If you select RUIMonly then the default CDMA service will not work and if you select RUIM if available then you can use CDMA service without the sim and GSM service when you insert the sim into the EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle.
Users are requested to share the successful story to help each other.
Soon, we are going to provide unlock solutions of Huawei EC367, EC226, EC186, EC167, EC156, EC150 EC1260 and EC122 CDMA EVDO modems.
Now download the latest Unbranded Huawei Mobile Partner Software from this link to use another network provider sim on your unlocked EC122 CDMA modem.

Download EC156 3G Huawei CMDA EVDO Modem Dongle Firmware
Download CDMA Workshop Tool 2.7 Cracked Version


  1. thank u kamlesh kumar…but can you send a unbranded mobile partner 23 utps??? because when i try to connect with my ec122 it says that the ppp protocol has been stopped….

  2. i have a problem when i click read button in the security tab ! :”” Phone ask for SPC. SPC (6 digits) is required “””
    I do what ?

  3. hello and thank you for the last time, please I have a modem Alcatel One Touch X220L I would unlock, you can help me? please!

  4. CGMM name : EC156
    MEID : A00000491655A9
    ESN : 803F274D
    IMSI : 404000296620975
    Serial number : A4GBYA9390416499
    Hardware version : CE1EC156M
    Firmware : TCPU_HWEC156DT04

    I need firmware updater code !!!

  5. kamalesh kumar sir
    i dont have a cdma workshop 2.7
    and not available in the web
    am searched a lot for this
    if you r dont mind
    you have this tool
    can you send me by using google drive
    my mail id is r16121993@gmail.com
    if you are accept me and send me that file
    please reply me in disqus
    thank you

  6. I unable to download this software when i click show me this. advert blocking browser extension enabled.
    How can i download can you help me?

  7. Sir ,please me fast. Ineed it very much for to collect some information about my project which had been given by my college


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