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Unlock E1732 (E173Du-1) Modem Dongle DataCard Free 100% working solution


Unlock E1732 (E173Du-1) Modem Dongle DataCard Free 100% working solution – As you may already know that I keeps updating my blog with various new solutions of new algo and old algo Huawei Modems. I have unlocked various modems and routers of huawei brands till now. Today, its time to unlock Unlock E1732 (E173Du-1) Modem Dongle DataCard. Unlocking of E1732 (E173Du-1) Modem Dongle DataCard is totally free and there is no charge of it. Only you have to follow the proper instructions and don’t miss anything while you are starting the unlocking process. Previously also we have provided unlocking solution of E1732 using CDMA workshop tool. But, today we will use CDMA workshop cracked tool to unlock Unlock E1732 (E173Du-1) Modem Dongle DataCard as CDMA workshop tool is detected as virus by various anti virus and people are getting difficulty in unlocking Unlock E1732 (E173Du-1) Modem Dongle DataCard, so users are advised to disable the antivirus first before downloading any files.

Step by step guide to Unlock E1732 (E173Du-1) Modem Dongle DataCard Via Downgrader process :
  • Disable your antivirus till the unlocking process is finished.
  • Now download the required files which download link is provided at the end of the article.
  • Now insert the modem in your computer or laptop.
  • Now disconnect from the internet and close everything.
  • Now run the E1732Update_11. and let it finish the process.
  • Now go to device manager (My Computer – Properties – Device Manager) – Ports(COM & LPT) – Huawei Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM[X]), ‘X’ is the port number appear in your system. Note down the Port Number.
  • Now open CDMA Workshop v2.7.0.EXE.
  • Under the ‘MAIN’ tab select Port number (COM Settings (AT Mode)) Noted Earlier and click on the connect button.
  • After that Click on Read Button.
  • Now Go to Security Tab and Type “oooooo” in the box Under SPC. (This is the default code don’t try another code) Click on SPC button and then Send Button. Make sure that SPC will be Default (nv_read).
  • Now Go to ’Memory tab’ in NV Items Section click to Read Button. A Confirmation box will appear just click Ok and you will see a NV items box.
  • In the Box ‘Last NV’ Item type ’9999? and Click on Ok button and save the file with any name as  Idea E1732 . 
  • Now wait till the buffer reach 100% and your file will be saved . Now click Ok on the confirmation box.
You have successfully crossed the first step. Now time to upgrade the firmware.
  • Now open E1732 Downgrade software which you have downloaded and run it and follow the steps and downgrade the firmware.
  • At the end of downloading programs, You will get an Update Failure error message Don’t worry just click Ok and then finish.
  • Unplug your Idea Netsetter and then plug in again and find the port number as you did above.
  • Now Go to CDMA Workshop and select the Port, Then Go to ’Main’ tab and click on connect.
  • Go to ’Memory’ Tab Click on NV Items and then Write Button. Click Ok on Confirm Box and Open dialog box will appear. Now choose the file which you have saved before (Idea E1732 file name we have given in example) and wait till buffer reaches 100%.
  • An Information Dialog Box will appear as a success confirmation message.
  • Click Ok and Go to ‘Main’ Tab and click on ’Disconnect’.
  • Now close CDMA Workshop and Click No when a confirmation box appears.
  • Now close everything and enable your Antivirus. Now you are done with the Unlocking.
Enjoy your unlocked modem with any another network provider sim.

Note : Users who want to unlock Idea Huawei E153 use this firmware E153_11.609.20.11.356 and all the steps above will be same.