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Unlock Code of Huawei E5220 and E5220s WiFi MiFi Router


I had previously written article unlocking of Italy Wind Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Router Gateway, unlocking of UK E5220 (E5220s-2) 3 Network WiFi MiFi Router Gateway, unlocking of Philippines E5220 Globe Telecom Huawei Router Gateway Free Instructions, unlocking of France SFR Huawei E5220 (E5220s-2) WiFi MiFi Router Gateway, unlocking of Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Pocket Router Free Instructions, Unlocking of  E5220 (E5220S-2) Model E5220–3b1b Globe Telecom Huawei Router Free Instruction. I have also unlocked Huawei E5220s-2 Swisscom Switzerland WiFi MiFi Router. Today, I am sharing a list of network provider and country which have launched E5220 and E5220s WiFi MiFi Router and for which I can provide you the correct unlock code.

Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Router
Huawei E5220 WiFi MiFi Router

Now you can unlock the following models of different countries wifi routers :


  1. E5220s-1 Czech Republic
  2. E5220s-1 TAMIO Taiwan
  3. E5220s-1 Moldova Orange
  4. E5220s-1 AMS Indonesia
  5. E5220s-2 SFR France
  6. E5220s-2 Neo-Sky Spain
  7. E5220s-2 Poland
  8. E5220s-2 Telenor Serbia
  9. E5220s-2 Russian Federation
  10. E5220s-2 Telenor Hungary
  11. E5220s-2 H3G Italy
  12. E5220s-2 Elisa Finland
  13. E5220s-2 P4 Poland
  14. E5220s-2 Meteor Ireland
  15. E5220s-2 Germany
  16. E5220s-2 Orange (B2C) France
  17. E5220s-2 AIS (TOT) Thailand
  18. E5220s-2 Orange Spain
  19. E5220s-6 Claro
  20. E5220s-6 Digicel Jamaica
  21. E5220s-6 TelecomNZ New Zealand
  22. E5220s-6 Panama
  23. E5220s-6 Claro Peru
  24. E5220s-6 Personal Paraguay
  25. E5220s-6 Digicel Jamaica
  26. E5220s-81
  27. E5220s Spain Neo-Sky
  28. E5220s Italy H3G
  29. E5220s Romania Cosmote
  30. E5220s-2 Globe Philippines
  31. E5220s-2 H3G UK
  32. E5220s-2 SFR France
  33. E5220s-2 Channel Saudi Arabia
  34. E5220s-6 Empyrean Philippines
  35. E5220s-6 SUN Philippines
  36. E5220s-2 Cell C South Africa
  37. E5220s-2 U Mobile Malaysia
  38. E5220s-2 Telkom South Africa
  39. E5220s-6 Movistar Chile
  40. E5220s-1 Bengal UCC
  41. E5220s-2 MTS Russian
  42. E5220s-2 Zimbabwe
  43. E5220s-2 MTN Rwanda
  44. E5220s MTS Russian
  45. E5220s PT MEO
  46. E5220s MTN Rwanda
  47. E5220s-1 Nigeria
  48. E5220s-2 Dominican Republic Orange
  49. E5220s-2 Ireland
  50. E5220s Ireland
  51. E5220s Dominican Republic Orange


Unlock code charge is only 2.38 USD, which you can pay for router code through paypal button. Additional payment method is Perfect Money and direct bank transfer. If any body wants to do business of unlocking can refer this article.


Users who are not able to unlock his wifi using unlock code for them I will do unlock remotely, charge will be 4 USD including unlock code.