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Unlock B260A, B960 and B970 Router using FMC unlock software free instructions

Huawei, ZTE, Micromax, Alcatel, Novatel, Teracom etc are famous 3G/4G modem / router provider in the world. Huawei had earlier launched Huawei B260A, B960 and B970 Router in various places and can not be unlocked with simple software which comes for unlocking other routers like :CarLock Unlock Tool, Huawei Modem Code writer tool etc. These software’s supports only USB routers / modems and it can not detect the LAN port, and hence Huawei B260A, B960 and B970 Routers can not be unlocked.
FMC Unlock Software
FMC Unlock Software
But, Huawei B260A, B960 and B970 Routers can be unlocked with FMC UnLock software (download link is provided at the end of the article). If your Huawei B260A, B960 and B970 Routers are un-customised firmware then create LAN connection between PC and your Huawei B260A, B960 or B970 Router and then run FMC UnLock software which you have downloaded from the link which is provided at the end of the article.

Now click on Detect Device and it will detect the IMEI of your Huawei B260A, B960 or B970 Router. Now in password box put password / unlock code of your IMEI and click on Unlock button (it will highlighted only after detecting IMEI of your router / gateway).

Note : Make sure that you have disconnected from the internet and closed everything which is related to your Huawei B260A, B960 and B970 Routers.

Note : Don’t use any wrong unlock codes into your Huawei B260A, B960 and B970 Routers otherwise it will be locked permanently. Either purchase through any server or pay through paypal button of this site and mail me with transaction details in kamlesh2011@gmail.com (Router unlock charge is 2.38$ including tax).
Download FMC unlock software free to unlock Huawei router and gateway
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  1. Hi Kamlesh, I have this Huawei E5172s-927 with IMEI: 354641015992319 but I don’t have any bank account. I am and expat, can you help me unlock my router please? Thank you.

  2. hi kamlesh kumar, i want to unlock my router E5172s-925 from spectranet nigeria i ve downloaded the FMC unlocker but i dont have the code kindly assist

    • Reset the device, Change the default SIM with another network, plug to PC with LAN cable, login to router and search option for NCK / unlock / SIMLock and enter the code.

  3. My huwaei router name E5172s -920
    Stc saudi lock. My imei number is 860453020393369. Want the unlock code. I dont have online things in my village to pay. I can pray only.
    Please help to find unlock code

  4. E5172Bs-925
    Versão de LTE:
    Versão de hardware:
    Versão de firmware:
    Firmware build time:
    12.06.2014 13:57:29
    Nome da Operadora:
    SKY Banda Larga

  5. Model: E5172Bs-925
    IMEI: 357500042323699
    Network – On Telecom – BR

    I have a little problem!

    When changing the SIM does not bring the option to unlock.

    It looks like the company has blocked this option and the update page

  6. Please help me to Unlock Huawei B220 Orange Guinea WiFi,IMEI 355586020141213.I dont have an account to pay please ,please.

  7. help me in my huawei router
    lte cpe e5172
    email: ————–
    important please


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