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New algo huawei modem counter reset – huawei modem unlock counter lost modems unlock solution


As we have seen a large amount of modem unlocking solutions today we are here with a new solution for peeps. So many peeps were trying to unlock the device with old algo code and losing their counters without knowing that they gonna lose their unlock counter status. Today we have finally found a solution for this problem. The huawei modem can be unlocked even the device lost its unlock counter status. The modem can be unlocked without resetting the unlock counter. Because still there is no solution for resetting the unlock counter of your huawei new algo modem.Here is your solution!!!.

steps for unlocking the device : 

1. Plug your modem to your computer.
2. Make sure your modem does not have any simcard placed in the slot.
3. Leave the simcard slot free.
4. Let the device to install the drivers.
5. Install the default dashboard or install the dashboard you have updated to your modem.
6. If already installed no problem just plug your modem and wait.
7. Your modem will now open the dashboard.
8. Gently close it .
9. Now open the unlock tool.
10. Detect your modem with the unlock tool whichever you have.
11. Now try to send your unlock code device.It will accept the code and give you success message.
12. Yah!!! now you have unlocked your device.

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