You can order the unlock code of any ZTE devices. Means, you can unlock ZTE phone, modem, router, and gateway. We can provide the factory unlock code for all ZTE devices, let it be locked to any network in any country. If the device is prompting for NCK / Unlock code then it can be unlocked.

The code directly comes from ZTE server and will be 100% genuine. It is the safest and fastest way to unlock your ZTE devices without losing any warranty or damage to the device.

To generate an unlock code or SIMLock code for your ZTE phone / modem / router, we only need correct 15-digit IMEI. You can get the correct IMEI by dialing *#06# on phone. For ZTE Routers and modems IMEI, you can check on the sticker or device info.


Choose the correct network of the device to unlock it. If you have any problem, before placing the order contact us.

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