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Modify Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard or Connection Manager as per your choice


Want to modify or create or change Huawei Mobile Partner software as per your with. You may want to edit some picture or you may want to put your own image in Huawei Mobile Partner in some places. I keep modifying the Huawei Mobile Dashboard or connection manager as per my requirement. I already written article for you to modify or change or create dashboard your own for Huawei Mobile Partner. I have modified the latest version of Huawei mobile partner to enable the features and i posted after doing that in my blog. 

Step by step guide to create or modify Huawei Mobile Partner any version :

1. Copy your Huawei mobile partner software in a folder from your modem on your PC desktop. In my example you can see the screenshot :
You will have at least two file in your folder -data and setup. Forget about all another file and concentrate on data file. Everything you have to do in your data.bin file (data file extension is .bin). 
2. Open winrar software and navigate to your Huawei folder which you have created.
3. Now double click on data.bin file to open it.
4. Now select both file and drag all files from the winrar to folder.

5. Here you can change, what ever you want to change, you can do it your own.

6. Suppose, if you want to change the skin, then just open skin folder and do the necessary changes in image or whatever you want. 

Note Before changing any image make sure to note down the name, extension and size of the image file. You should replace that image with same size, name and extension. Otherwise, it will not work properly.
7. Select the image to which you want to change as per your choice. As you can see the first image of my article we have change the image of default skin of mobile partner, i have written my website name on the top of default skin of Huawei Mobile Partner.

8. After doing the necessary changes, when you are satisfied then delete all data.bin file from your folder.

9. Now you have folder named common and file SysConfig.dat which you have extracted from data.bin. Now we have to put it back on data.bin file. For this follow the next step.
10. Now close the winrar and go to the custom huawei folder where you have file SysConfig.dat and folder common.
11. Download 7-zip software from here

12. Select common folder and SysConfig.dat file both at time with the help of ctrl key and right click on it and click on Add to archieve.
13. Now after a few time you will have a file like your_file_name.7z

14. Now rename it as data.bin (here .bin is extension of file).
15. After all the process you will get data.bin file.

16. Now your custom dashboard is ready for use in your computer.

17. If you want to install it in your computer then just double click on setup and follow the process.

18. If you want to replace your custom dashboard in your modem then you follow this link.

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