Hometips unlockingHow to Unlock Huawei Softbank AP02HW USB Data-Card of Japan

How to Unlock Huawei Softbank AP02HW USB Data-Card of Japan


Huawei make Softbank AP02HW USB aata-card is available in Japan. Without unlocking you can not use any another network provider SIM. Unlocking / de-branding is one time work and after that you are free to switch any another network SIM, including default SIM.

Huawei Softbank AP02HW

When you will detect it under DC unlocker software you will get the following information :

selection :
manufacturer – Huawei modems
model – Huawei AP02HW

Selected Applications port COM3

Found modem : AP02HW
Model : Huawei AP02HW
IMEI : 862981013128291
Serial NR. : V5B7NA92B2103167
Firmware : 11.836.21.14.643
Hardware ver. : CD3E392UM
SIM Lock status : Locked (CardLock)
Wrong codes entered : 0 (unlock attempts left : 10)

As you can see in above details, Huawei Softbank AP02HW dongle comes with firmware version 11.836.21.14.643 and can be unlocked using correct unlock code.

How to Unlock Huawei Softbank AP02HW USB Dongle of Japan :

1. Plug the Softbank AP02HW to PC and let it install all the software and drivers, which is required to run it properly.

2. Now, disconnect internet, if already connected, and close the default software of Softbank.

3. Now, change the default SIM with any another network SIM and again plug it to computer.

4. Softbank application will be launched automatically, and it will ask you unlock code / password / NCK code.

5. Put 8 digit correct unlock code / password / NCK code and click on OK.

6. Now your device is unlocked forever and it will show the network of inserted SIM.

If above mentioned procedure does not work, then download Huawei modem code writer tool / Cardlock Unlock Tool and close the default software of the modem. Run the downloaded software and detect your device under the software. It will show the IMEI of your data-card. Put the correct 8 digit unlock code / password / NCK and click on OK. It will be unlocked forever.

Note : Unlock code of Huawei AP02HW is not free, pay 2.38$ for router code through paypal button and mention model and imei in transaction. Or, pay 2.38$ in paypal id [email protected] and mention model with IMEI in transaction. Correct NCK / SIMLock / Unlock code will be mailed within 8 hrs.