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Fix the issue ''Different C version. Update is forbidden'' error in HUAWEI Modems


Today we have got a great article for my blog users. Many of huawei modem users have lost their modem during the unlock process / flash process during the power fluctuation. If you are flashing your modem with some firmware and in between light goes off and your computer goes switched off, then modems firmware gets corrupt and during the update process it’s deny and after that you have only one solution is that either you have to repair your modem from service center. When you will try to again flash the modem then you will get the message  ”Different C version. Update is forbidden” and there is no solution of this. But, recently a blogger has felt that it can be repaired. I have found this solution in  this blog. Say thanks to http://modemsolutions.mywapblog.com. I don’t find the blogger name on the blog, but we have worked hard and got the solution. It is based on the experience, hence you have to be careful while you are using this solution. This article will help you in repairing your Huawei Modem for free. 

How to fix ‘Different C version. Update is forbidden’ issues in Huawei Modem :

  1. Find a working modem whose model is same as yours which has got corrupt during the firmware downgrade process. I am using here H1 as working modem and H2 is not working modem.
  2. Insert working modem H1 into your laptop / computer and wait for the dashboard to autorun and then close the dashboard / connection manager. Make fully sure that the dashboard is not running in background.
  3. Perform usual unlocking procedure like : The welcome window will come, then click on next -> It will Searching Device -> Start Update -> Warning window -> enter the flash password (generate a password with the IMEI of modem H1.).
  4. From here MOST IMPORTANT STEP gets start. After entering the password, disconnect your working modem H1 and connect modem H2 and press NEXT button. Now wait for the application to complete the flashing process. Now your modem will be detected and automatically flashed in 4-5 minutes.
It’s a really great article and say thanks to original blogger which has written this article.

I have not personally tested it. After testing it you must leave the comment to help the other Huawei Modem users.

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