Firmware Update Donwload Link Huawei Modems and Huawei Routers

Firmware Update Donwload Link Modems and Huawei Routers – Earlier I had shared some firmware of Huawei Modems and Firmwares. Today,  i have got some firmware download links which may be helpful to you. As you may earlier know that firmware can help in repairing, unlocking and also in destroying in modems or routers. So, before running make sure that what you are going to do. I don’t take any responsibility.

Huawei E172_Update E17XUpdate_11.415.05.03.00.B409.exe

Huawei E220 E220Update_11.313.02.00.01.B268.exe


Huawei K3520

Huawei K3765

Huawei K4505

Huawei K5005 K5005v8.1_Release.exe

Huawei Sharing Dock R101 WG7012E22-LF-IR_FW_1.03.09(20110909).bin

Huawei Hotspot

Huawei Wireless Router B260a

Huawei Wireless Router B660

Huawei Wireless Router B970 (Full Update) B970Upgrade-20110509_UPDATE(2014-Jun-11).zip

Huawei Wireless Router B970(Patch) B970Upgrade-

Huawei Wireless Router B970b

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