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Firmware Download Links for New Algo Modems and Old Algo Huawei Modems Free


Today we have started the firmware download section, because various people are daily approaching reaching of various types of firmwares of Huawei New Algo and Old Algo modem / dongle. From now onward all firmware will be shared in this page. Now you can get all types of firmware download links which is related to Huawei dongle / modem / routers in one page. We will try to update it daily as soon as possible.

Download Links of Different Firmwares

Huawei E3131 Modem Firmware Update_21.

Huawei E367 Firmware from Tattoo globe Philippines 


Huawei E352 modem firmware from the operator T-Mobile 


Huawei E353 Firmware E353Update_21. 

from Singapore operator M1

Huawei E392, Huawei E398 Firmware of Finnish operator


Huawei E173Cs-1 & E303 Firmware from Airtel operator E303_E173Cs-1_ Update_21.

Huawei E303 modem Firmware E303SUpdate.

Huawei E153 modem Firmware E153Update_11.609.20.01.00.B427

Huawei E153 Firmware Generic Version  E153update_11.609.13.03.00.b427

Huawei E353Ws-1 Firmware  

E353Ws-1 TCPUB157D09SP02C5021_22. 
or E353Update_22. 

Huawei E303 & E353Ws HiLink Firmware HiLink 

HiLink11.010.05 .03.5021 _UK H3G_05010YCA

E303C Firmware Update E303CUpdate. 

Password: n1122n

Huawei E303 Firmware Update_E303HiLink11.

Huawei E173 Firmware 


Huawei EC226 Firmware EC226_Firmware_Update_11.

Huawei EM770 firmware


Huawei K4605-H E372 Firmware for MAC OS mac_e372update_11.

Huawei K3520 E169 Firmware with voice E169x_K3520Update_11.314.21.31.00.B418

Huawei K3520 E169 Firmware E169_11.314.09.50.00.B407

Huawei K3565 E160 Firmware E160_11.609.10.00.311.B418

Huawei K3565 E160 Firmware E160_11.609.10.00.158

Huawei K3565 E160 Firmware E160_11.609.10.00.00.B418

Huawei E372 Firmware K4605-H E372update_11.

Huawei E392 Airtel LTE E392 (E392u-92) Firmware: 

Huawei E398 firmware E398_Update_11.335.27.00.000.B757.elisa.fi

Huawei E398 modem firmware update MDM9200-1Update_11.335.31.00.000.B757.exe

Huawei E398 modem Firmware E398u-15_update_11.335.21.00.55.b757

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