Etisalat Huawei Official Firmware Download Link

Etisalat Huawei Official Firmware Download Link – Previously I had written the following articles about Etisalat Huawei and ZTE modems

Unlock Etisalat Nigeria E5830 Huwei WiFi MiFi Mobile Router Gateway Free Instructions

Unlock E303 Etisalat Nigeria Huawei 3G 4G Modem Dongle Free Instructions

Unlock Huawei E586E Etisalat Nigeria WiFi Mifi Mobile Router Free Instructions

Unlock UAE Etisalat Huawei E372u – 8 modem Dongle Free Instructions

Unlock Etisalat Nigeria MF 180 modem Totally Free using DCCrap.exe

Unlock Huawei E586Es-2 WiFi MiFi Hotspot Etisalat nigeria Router Free Instructions

Unlock Etisalat E173 (E173z-1) Nigeria Huawei Modem Dongle Datacard Free Instructions

Etisalat Huawei Modem
Etisalat Huawei Modem

With the help of above article, various people unlocked his Huawei modems and routers. Today, I have got the official firmware and software / dashboard from Etisalat website, which I am sharing with you.


Download Huawei B970 router Firmware upgrade

Download Huawei B970b router Firmware upgrade

Download Huawei E960 router Firmware upgrade

Download iModem firmware upgrade

Download iModem dashboard upgrade

Download E173 Modem Dashboard upgrade

Download dashboard setup for MAC

Download Huawei E180 Modem Firmware upgrade

Download Huawei E220 Modem Firmware upgrade

Download Huawei E1550 Modem Firmware upgrade

Download Huawei E160G Modem Firmware upgrade

Download Huawei E1820 Dongle Firmware upgrade

Download Firmware Update Huawei E2010 V


Additionally you can download latest Huawei Mobile Partner software / dashboard to use with any Huawei modem.

Huawei mobile partner PC Version to use latest Huawei modems (Unbranded)

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