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Enable Disabled Features of Huawei Mobile Partner By Modifying the XML File


Enable Disabled Features of Huawei Mobile Partner By Modifying the XML File – In various types of Huawei Modem dashboard company disables the USSD, Voice Features and other things. So, users get problem to get check the remaining data balances. Users can not make a voice call from his modem. This is irritating for me and you also. This can be enabled without with some hack in Huawei Mobile Partner software. After doing the some changes in your mobile partner software you will get your Voice feature and USSD features back. For getting all it back your need to change some XML files. As you can see in this article we have enabled USSD, Connection history, Voice call and Call log features back.
Huawei Mobile Partner for Windows 8 with ussd voice call
Step by step guide to enable disabled features of Huawei Mobile Partner by modifying XML file :

Go into C:Program FilesMobile Partnerconfig and open up PluginsConfig.xml and change the following few lines :

<!–item name=”NetInfoRecordUIPlugin” clsid=”27A315A2-D587-498a-9FC5-7CF2738679DF”/–>
<!–item name=”USSDUIPlugin” clsid=”6ADFE6DA-E212-4087-8466-043AB06DF4EB”/–>


<item name=”NetInfoRecordUIPlugin” clsid=”27A315A2-D587-498a-9FC5-7CF2738679DF”/>
<item name=”USSDUIPlugin” clsid=”6ADFE6DA-E212-4087-8466-043AB06DF4EB”/>

and immediately after that, just insert the following few lines to enable Data Connection History, USSD and voice calling respectively :

<item name=”CallPlugin” clsid=”8FC7A17B-EA76-4e6e-872D-9AAC222C8B03″/>
<item name=”CallUIPlugin” clsid=”58A0343A-93DB-4ea2-92B4-C51589629381″/>
<item name=”CallLogUIPlugin” clsid=”1FCAC0FF-9E87-450f-8258-1155D7696571″/>

Then go to C:Program FilesMobile PartnerpluginsXFramePlugin and open up Config.xml and again change the following few lines :

<!–item type=”NORMAL” module=”XFramePlugin”  icon=”ussd” icon2=”UssdDisable”id=”IDS_USSD_COMMON”>43057</item–>


<item type=”NORMAL” module=”XFramePlugin”  icon=”ussd” icon2=”UssdDisable”id=”IDS_USSD_COMMON”>43057</item>

After doing the changes it will enable USSD features in the toolbar.

Thats all!!! Now you can do it in Huawei Mobile Partner software, let it be of any brand like : Aircel, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Docomo, Reliance, Doro, MTN, Glo, Vodacom etc.
Only thing is that when you will have branded mobile partner then you will find all files in that brand folder instead of Mobile Partner.