E173z-1 MTN Huawei Sudan Modem detect and unlock procedure Free – I keep writing unlocking procedures for various types of modems for free. Today, we have come with you to unlock E173z-1 MTN Huawei Sudan Modem. MTN has launched in Sudan differnt types of firmware modem. List of firmware which were launched my MTN network in Sudan :
  1. (Build: Apr 23 2012 12:02:27)
  2. (Build: Mar 17 2012 12:15:53)
  3. (Build: Feb 16 2012 11:05:38)
Above mentioned all firmware modems are customised firmware modem and needs to unlock two software. One is unlocked Huawei compatible firmware and the another one is Huawei Modem Code Writer tool (download link is provided at the end of the article).

Step by step guide to unlock E173z-1 MTN Huawei Sudan Modem :
  1. Download all softwares from the link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now close the dashboard and run Universal Master code software and go to Huawei tab and generate the flash code for your modem.
  3. Now run the downloaded firmware software.
  4. When it asks for password then use flash code as password and proceed till finish.
  5. Now open the Huawei Modem Code Writer tool and put there unlock code to unlock your modem.
Note : Don’t enter any wrong codes into your E173z-1 MTN Huawei Sudan modem, it is a new algo modem and its unlock code is different than others. Your modem will be permanently locked. Either purchase from any server or contact kamlesh2011@gmail.com for cheap rate only 1.15$ for one unlock code.

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