I have already provided the unlock solution for your Vodafone ZTE K3770z and ZTE K3772z modems. Today, I have got something for Vodafone ZTE K3806Z and ZTE K3772Z modems, which has been specially created by ZTE corporation itself. Voafone ZTE K3806Z and ZTE K3772Z modems users who are facing disconnection problem with your zte modems can utilize this firmware (download link is provided at the end of the article. The below mentioned firmware size is approx 88 MB and can flash both K3772z and K3806z modems for free.

This firmware update includes the latest version of software / dashboard / connection manager for Vodafone Mobile Broadband for Windows and Mac. The below mentioned firmware corrects a number of errors that caused periodic disconnection in Vodafone ZTE K3806z and ZTE K3772z modems. In the case of K3772z modem, the update fixes problems with the ADSL router Arcadyan Arv75. If your modem is dead then the update can only be performed on a PC with Windows and which has previously used the modem. Others can flash his modem after installing the driver on your Windows PC. The update can only be made ​​if the modem is completely identified by Windows and if Vodafone Mobile Broadband is closed before starting the installation.

The below mentioned firmware for Vodafone ZTE K3806z and K3772z has been tested by my friend kyooro and works fine.

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To use your modem with another network provider sim you can create a dial-up connection or you can use any unlocked dashboard / software / connection manager.

Download ZTE K3806z and ZTE K3772z modems unlocked firmware and dashboard

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