Download Huawei HiSuite Setup v for Windows 8

Download Huawei HiSuite Setup v – This version is recommended as it introduces enhanced security |2013-01-05|36.54MB. Normally I write article about Modem Unlocking and Mobile Phone unlocking, but I am in slightly different path. Today, I am writing about Huawei Hi Suite latest version. Huawei HiSuite supports U8500 / C8500 / U8510 / U8600 / S8600 / C8600 / U8667 / U8650 / U8800 / C8800 / T8830 / U8850 / C8850 / U8860 / C8860 / U9200 / U9500 / U9510 MediaPad. 

The main features of Huawei HiSuite V :

1. Added support for backup and recovery for camera photos, camera videos, and audio recordings. 
2. Added support for contact group synchronization between computer and device. 
3. Added the APK association function. 
4. Added support for Windows 8

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Download HiSuiteSetup_v1.