D100 Router Gateway Unlock and Detect Procedure in Detail via Firmware Upgrade Process

D100 Router Gateway Unlock and Detect Procedure in Detail via Firmware Upgrade Process – D100 Router Gateway of firmware version 396. 14-JAN-2010, branded by DNA Finland, firmware version 396. 6-JAN-2010, branded by ERA Poland, firmware version 396. 22-JULY-2009, branded by DNA Finland and firmware version 396. 01-JUNE-2009 comes with unlocked firmware and it can be unlocked with the help of FMC unlocker software and router unlock code.
But, what you will go if you have a D100 Router Gateway with customised firmware. Now, solution for unlock D100 Router Gateway is available. There is no need to use another D100 Router Gateway for use another network provider sim in your D100 Router Gateway. You can unlocked customised firmware of D100 Router Gateway also with the help of firmware update process. Firmware upgrade process is difficult and it can hard your D100 Router Gateway. Make sure that you have sufficient battery backup before proceeding with below mentioned steps.

Step by step guide to unlock D100 Router Gateway Free Instructions :
  1. Download firmware update and cust file and flasher from the download link which is provided at the end of the article.
  2. Now extract it using winrar or any another zip software.
  3. Now copy all files and put in a folder.
  4. Now run D100Upgrade-20091223163848.exe from your folder.
  5. Connect your FMC product with the power supply and connect your PC and FMC product with a network cable. When your PC obtains an IP address from the FMC product, and the IP address is in the network segment (default), you can log in to the Web configuration page of the FMC product to view the version numbers of all modules.
  6. Click Check Button. The software checks the .bin files stored in the current directory, checks their validity, and obtains the version numbers stored in the .bin files. Then, queries the current IP address of the router and obtains current versions of all modules.
  7. After properly detecting your D100 Router Gateway click on Upgrade button.
  8. Wait till finish the process.
Now unlock your D100 Router Gateway as explained in this article.

Note : Don’t enter any wrong codes into your D100 Router Gateway to unlock. Pay for router code through paypal button and send me imei with all details including transaction in email : [email protected]

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