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Create .iso file or upload .iso file in Huawei CDMA & GSM using Huawei Dashboard Writer Beta


DC unlocker team is doing hard work and recently DC unlocker team has launched Huawei Dashboard Writer Beta to upload and create dashboard in Huawei dongles / modems. Recently DC unlocker team has added the features of CDMA modems also.
Main Features of Huawei Dashboard Writer Beta :
-Create dashboard.
-Write dashboard to Huawei modem.
-Suitable for various Huawei modems.
-Huawei Profile Editor added.
New in Huawei Dashboard Writer Beta :
-Huawei CDMA modems support.
NOTE: Dashboard creating/writing requires advanced knowledge. Before using this software, make sure you backup all your modems data from virtual CD-ROM. 
DC-Unlocker is not responsible for any damage that you do to modem.
Huawei Dashboard Writer software is still under Beta version but works well in my test. Want to use then you can download it from the official download link which is provided at the end of the article.
With the help of Huawei Dashboard Writer tool you can create .iso file from any Huawei CDMA / GSM modem as well as you can upload in any CDMA / GSM Huawei modems also.