We all the the value of APN (Access Point Name) as APN provides the internet access over the Internet. Either you are using the internet through Mobile Phone or you are using internet through modem of Huawei, ZTE, Micromax, Alcatel etc. If you will not define proper APN in your mobile phone or modem then you can not connect with the Internet. Hence, we are providing here APN settings of different network provider of India. 
APN Settings : Indian Network Provider Access Point Name Settings
Network operator Name                              APN (Access Point Name)      
Aircel 2g & 3g ( South India ) for Prepaid    –   aircelgprs.pr
Aircel 2g & 3g ( South India ) for Postpaid   –  aircelgprs.po
Aircel 2g & 3g ( New South India)     –  aircelgprs
Aircel 2g & 3g ( North India ) for Prepaid     –  aircelweb
Aircel 2g & 3g ( North India ) for Postpaid  –   aircelwebpost
Aircel 2g & 3g ( New North India – All )   –   aircelgprs      
Aircel 2G & 3G (Rest of India) – aircelgprs or aircelgprs.co or aircelinternet 
Airtel 2G & 3G                              –            airtelgprs.com
BPL                                         –                  mizone
BSNL 2G & 3G                           –             bsnlnet
BSNL SOUTH 2G & 3G                –          gprssouth.cellone.in
IDEA 2G & 3G                            –             internet
Loop Telecom 2G & 3G                 –           www
Reliance GSM – RTL 2G & 3G        –         RCOMNET
Reliance GSM RCOM 2G/3G          –        SMARTNET
Spice 2g & 3g                         –                  Spiceindia
Tata Docomo 2G Mobile SIM       –            tata.docomo.internet
Tata Docomo 3G Mobile SIM      –             tata.docomo.internet
Tata Docomo 3G Datacard/Dongle SIM  –  tatadocomo3g
T24                                              –             t24.internet
Uninor 2G & 3G                              –          uninor
Vodafone ( JK – Jammu & Kashmir )   –      jjkgprs
Vodafone 2G & 3G – Rest of India      –      www
Virgin GSM                                   –            vinternet.com
Note : If you are using above mentioned any sim on modem then in user name and password field leave blank and use dial no as *99#.
MTNL 2G & 3G Delhi (Prepaid)   – gprsppsdel
MTNL 2G & 3G Delhi (Postpaid)  – gprsmtnldel
MTNL 2G & 3G Mumbai (Prepaid) – gprsppsmum
MTNL 2G & 3G Mumbai (Postpaid)  – gprsmtnlmum
Note : MTNL Users can use APN as above mentioned, dial no will be same *99# but you have to use username as mtnl and password as mtnl123.

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