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Alcatel Free NCK / Unlock codes generator to unlock X020, X030x, X060S, X070S, X080S, X100X, X200X, X200S, X210x, X210S, X215S, S220L, X225L, X225S, X228L modem free

This article is for Alcatel Mobile and Modem users only. Alcatel has very less support and users get problem in unlocking his modem and mobile phones for free. Users who are using 3G modems from a long time, they must know that many modems can be unlocked via only unlock code NCK. I have already written too many article to open which can be unlocked via only Unlock code. But, problem is that many blogger take charge for providing the unlock code also. But, as you know that I don’t take a single rupee from any person, but keeps providing the several types of tips and tricks. This is another unlock code calculator online service from which you may get benefited.
Users who are getting benefited with my blog must share with his friends so that we will keep providing you new tips and trick in future. Just go ahead and grab it.
Just go to the below link which is provided at the end of the article to generate the unlock code free for Alcatel, Huawei and ZTE modem and phones.
Users can see the supported models list :
Supported Alcatel Modems NEW
Unlock Alcatel X020 Modem
Unlock Alcatel X030x Modem
Unlock Alcatel X060S Modem
Unlock Alcatel X070S Modem
Unlock Alcatel X080S Modem
Unlock Alcatel X100X Modem
Unlock Alcatel X200X Modem
Unlock Alcatel X200S Modem
Unlock Alcatel X210x Modem
Unlock Alcatel X210S Modem
Unlock Alcatel X215S Modem
Unlock Alcatel S220L Modem
Unlock Alcatel X225L Modem
Unlock Alcatel X225S Modem
Unlock Alcatel X228L Modem
Supported Alcatel Phones
Supported by IMEI + Provider ID
OT360, OT203, OT708, VDF541, OT800, OT303, B331, I650, S621, OT660,
E101FLIP, OT363, OT383, OT600, VM621I, OT280, V570
and all this Only using IMEI for calc
S215, S218, S319, S320, S321, S520, S853, V670, S215, S218, S319, S320,
S321, S520, S853, V670, V770, C700, C701, C707, C717, V770, C820, C825,
C700, C701, C707, C717, V770, C820, C825, mandarina duck, Miss Sixty, Playbox, Elle N3
There is no need to comment your IMEI or to pay anybody for Alcatel Modem and Mobile Phone NCK / Unlock Code. Go to the below mentioned link and generate you IMEI code and feel free.
Update : Now, developers are not providing free unlock codes. If somebody is interested in purchasing the code in only 1.50$, then pay for modem code and mention model with IMEI in transaction. Unlock code will be delivered via email within 8 hrs.


  1. Comment:sir please am using tct mobile limited uow one touch x230e 07 z106 x230e-2latte3-1 emei: 867612007711603 firmware version:ix1b5400xx hopin if u could pls help me unlock it . Tank u.

  2. Bonjour,
    J’ai une clé 3G Alcatel one touch X230E
    son n° IMEI: 867612005568716
    Pouvez vous m’aider à la débloquer et trouver son code NCK

  3. ALCATEL Modem X602
    Modem name :
    Firmware version :
    IMEI :

    Kindly help with the NCK CODE

  4. Please help me to unlock my airtel wifi router for insert the JIO SIM
    Model : alcatel MW40CJ-2BATIN3
    IMEI : 359347072570577
    send the NCK code and ulocking procedures

  5. hi bro, please unlock my alcatel device

    Software Version: MW40_HP_02.00_07
    Device Name: MW40
    IMEI: 359347070973112


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