Homesoftware reviewsAdd more profile inside custom dashboard of Huawei Mobile Partner

Add more profile inside custom dashboard of Huawei Mobile Partner


Recently i have written article Create or modify Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard by your own. I have described all the steps how you can modify the default or custom huawei mobile partner / connection manager / dashboard. Today, I am going to explain some more hidden, tips, tricks and hacks about Huawei Mobile Partner. Today, I will guide you to add more profile inside custom dashboard of Huawei Mobile Partner.
There are two ways to put custom profile inside the Huawei Mobile Partner dashboard.

First method : It is more hard and I specially do not recommend this method. 

open file “commonpluginsNetConnectPluginNetConnectConfig.xml “Just copy the Huawei mobile Partner software in a folder and start editing it. You need to add system profile within it. So, just add a module included all profiles names like below :-

     ;”default” it means NAME1 is the default profile for connection 
     ;You can add more….  

Now open “” file and add profile settings for each one created above just like below and already exist many instances you can learn creating yours from file “” :


After doing the all steps successfully just install your dashboard in your computer and test it. If working then upload in your modem.

Second Method : This is the easiest way and can do any one without any technical knowledge or programming guidelines.

First install your dashboard into your computer or laptop. Now open the dashboard and go to settings / tools->options->profile management and create all the required profile which you want to include in your dashboard.

After creating all the profile now Mobile Partner software will create a file named in userdata folder. 

Now locate C:Program FilesAirceluserdata folder and delete all files and folder excluding  Copy “userdata” folder (from installed directory) to “common” folder or operator folder (where you have copied all mobile partner files and folders).

Now create your dashboard using Huawei Dashboard Tool and enjoy.