Followed the instructios given here and effortlessly unlocked two Huawei mobile broadband dongles. Both now connect through my USB Router to service my home wireless network. The unlocking software is provided to unlock a Huawei K3520 modem, it also worked for my K3765 modem. Provided that a valid unlock code is generated by the software and the modem is recognised by your computer’s connection management program, it does exactly what it says on the tin!

  • Kamlesh Kumar

    The above provided tool works with any USB Huawei modem.

  • http://modemsolution.com/unlock-huawei-k3520-vodafone-locked-network-modem-totally-free/ Riri

    Hi, this procedure seems to have worked. I got the OK message.
    But, could you tell me how I can check that the modem is unlocked ? I know this is silly but I would like to be sure!

    • admin

      Put another network sim and you will get the signal means it is unlocked. Or you can check in dc unlocker log status of your modem.

      • http://modemsolution.com/unlock-huawei-k3520-vodafone-locked-network-modem-totally-free/ Riri

        Thank you for this rapid reply. I don’t have another sim card at the moment (I will be on holiday in another country where I will buy a new sim card soon and would like to be sure it would work before leaving.
        I don’t think dc un locker will work on a Mac. Do you know of a software that will do the job on a Mac ?
        Thank you once again for your help.