• Cyberfre@k

    how to unlock EC150…all i got end is mobile partner software installed at end :(…

    6. Now change the sim and plug your modem to your Huawei EC150 reliance cdma modem.
    7. Let modem install all the drivers which is required to the modem.
    8. Now dashboard will be automatically started and it will ask you for the unlock code.
    7. Enter the unlock code you generated earlier and you have done.

    Which is the 2nd modem you talking about?..how to change sim…

  • Kamlesh Kumar

    No where mentioned about 2nd modem. On the reverse of the modem sim facility is there. If you have any more queries then you can contact my partner on apexpredator@ymail.com. He has unlocked more than 3 reliance EC150 CDMA modem.

  • rajeev reddy

    Can you tell me how to find IMEI code for EC 150 modem?

  • Kamlesh Kumar

    IMEI should be written on your modem itself, if not written on the modem the see on the cover box of your modem. If still could not find then run it in dc unlocker software and you will get the IMEI of your reliance modem.

  • jagadhish

    Where is the download link of code generator ?

  • Kamlesh Kumar

    For old algo unlock code it free and you can use Universal master code, and for huawei new algo code it is not free and you have to pay for it.

  • makesh

    @Kamlesh kumar can you help me unlock ma modem and this is my contact number 9962255156 pls I have send mail to ur partner but i dont get any respond. so can you…

  • Kamlesh Kumar

    bro this is kamlesh, i have little knowledge about cdma modem, still i can help you what i know.

  • Sal Mode

    Ram : I have the EC150 Reliance modem, But unable to find the DC unlocker software. Could you help me.

  • dodo

    Why after update does not get a signal or the signal is lost. Even worse modem locked. Please provide me the solution

  • dodo

    After update fw my modem locked all operator.pleas help me to solution. My modem is unlock but my data card loked forever. How to unlock my data card.

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Use CDMA workshop tool to unlock your dongle, search solution in unlock4modem.in

  • varshan

    how can i get spc code… ?
    plz help me…

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Use six times 0 , if facing problem then don’t flash, proceed with next steps.

  • sandy

    i don’t have imei number for my huawei ec 150 data card,and i also lost the bill.pls help me how to find my imei number for it.

  • sandy

    i also searched using dc unlocker for getting IMEI number…but of no use…please help me

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Use DC Unlocker CDMA version to detect the MEID of your modem.

  • Bhavneet

    I got spec and flashed the data card with firmware, but still getting reliance network, what should I do

  • jeetendra154

    hello sir i am not able to find the iemi number plzz help me

    • admin

      You can not find IMEI in CDMA modem. CDMA modems comes with MEID.