• Viana

    Good afternoon. I have a pen Vodafone K3806-Z, will be purchased 15 days. But I want to unlock. Help me. My email is vianaaawake@gmail.com

  • Kamlesh Kumar

    Huawei K3806 is unlockable, but for unlock code we charge 1.15$, want to purchase then contact me on kamlesh2011@gmail.com

  • Abdul Mujeeb

    Please send me the link to download the software used to unlock the modem please. My email is mujeeba60@ gmail.com

    • Kamlesh Kumar

      Every link is mentioned in above article.

  • cirjorge

    Please me with the NCK for huawei vodafone k3806 modem with IMEI 354960045252548

    • admin

      Pay through above paypal button and mail me details in kamlesh2011@gmail.com to get correct unlock code.